I relapsed so bad this weekend that I honestly can’t stop! I have this teaching job thing today and I am freaking out cause if they see my cuts ………OMG, I would be dead. This stress though on top o everything else just makes me want to do it more. What is wrong with me? 


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Aria/Ezra + taking pictures


Ariana cheated on Jai with Mac Miller then he forgave her. Then she cheated with Nathan. I can’t even deal with twitter right now. The fandom is insane.

I am crying for Jai. He doesn’t deserve this bullshit.


i’m crying

Taylor is blonde

“I’m very happy to talk about this. Once my body image struggles were out there, I realized that my experience might help someone else. I feel pressure all the time to look a certain way, so if I can relieve that pressure for someone else, then great. You’re in front of a camera all day, so of course some days you wake up and feel gross, but in the past year I’ve gotten better. My body is normal and I’m not trying to prove anything.” 

Good Morning…Did anyone else wake up to Jariana drama? Like wtf just happened